dddOn 24th October 2015 the church dedicated to st. ANTONY OF PADUA at Kamuthy was consecrated after renovation at an impressive cost, contributed by not only parishoners but also by others—-friendly Hindus,and Moslems .

The blessong was done by His Grace the Bishop of Sivagangai.Most . Rev. SOOSAIMANICKAM.

Nearly 20 priests of the Diocese  and a Jesuit priest Fr. Leonard, former Principal of St. Josephs college Trichy.and a native of the parish were assisting the Bishop in the ceremonies.

There was a very solemn Mass attended by churchful congregation.
Their choral response during mass evoked piety and reverence in the hearts of all. The choir with instrumental accompaniment,of professionals was a delight to ears and souls.
The sermon by His Grace was to the point.
“”Renovation of churches should aid to renovate our faith . It is a symbol of revival and a catalyst for re energising  our spiritual life.””

The alter made in Teak  of fine quality lent admirable beauty to the church.  The  old and beautiful statues of  Mother  Mary  and  of St.Joseph  were examplary pieces in beauty and serenity. It is very rare to see  such beautiful faces in the statutes in churches these days.
What about  dismantlable statue of  Our Lord in Cross.?
The   face of the old statue   of Jesus in agony done up now  expresses  the  pain he undergoes  and the  trust  he reposes in His Father.

The new Tabernacle with brass front of  radiating rays, fish, amd heart fitted exactly in the backstage  of alter..

The Monstrance  of  nearly three and a half feet height ,while placed in the alter  suited exactly the church.

The real Master Piece  in art work was the  photographically embedding of  the picture of St.ANTONy on a piece of white marble with LED lights to glow it from behind. . This has been placed in the alcove in the front  portion at the root of the spire of the church. This strikes your eyes and inspires adoration to st. Antony.

The choir of the day was   very pleasing to the ears.

A small booklet on ” Kamuthy Pangou”written by Alexander was distributed  to the Bishop, priests  nuns and congregation.The book traced the history of the church, its past parish priests, customs and manners of Kamuthy christians, and contained  a collection of prayers and pamalais in use in  Kamuthy. A  brief introduction to the contents of the book was given by  Alexander.. He placed the church to be in existence from   circa1750..

Jubilation  combined with piety permeated the atmosphere.

By A.X Alexander.

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