Kanyakumari to Muttom – A Travelogue

We have come across many articles in globalparavar covering many of the places wherein Paravars are dwelling. Tuticorin, Vembar, Manapad, Uvari, Alanthalai,

Veerapandiapatinam, Kayalpatinam, Kanyakumari, Perumanal, Kootapuli, Palayakayal, Punnaikayal etc are very familiar to us.

Many of us are aware of our coast line from Vembar to Kanyakumari. But beyond Kanyakumari we have wonderful places which we need to be aware of. From Kanyakumari to the famous Muttom village we need to visit a few places:

  • Kanyakumari
  • Kovalam
  • Puthenthurai
  • Rajakkamangalam
  • Muttom

A scenic 35 km drive from Kanyakumari to Muttom will make you wonder if we are in Kerala or Tamilnadu. Beautiful backwaters of the sea and lush green coconut trees engulfing the whole area reminds us that we are close to Kerala but absolutely within Tamilnadu.Kumari_Church

I do not think we need any introduction to India’s southernmost point with numerous tourist attractions. “Alangara Matha church”  is a must visit which is one of the most beautiful churches in Tamilnadu. This magnificent church has an inner altar considered to be the one built during St. Francis Xavier’s arrival here.

I knew that Tamilnadu doesn’t end here so I decided to take the drive towards Muttom. I started from Kanyakumari at around 2 pm.Kumari_Church_Altar


I drove 3 kms from Kanyakumari and hit a village called “Kovalam” (not the one in Kerala or near Chennai). In fact Kovalam is visible from the shore lines of Kanyakumari. From the “Sunset Point” in Kanyakumari we will be able to see the beautiful landscape of Kovalam.

The church of St. Ignatius in Kovalam  is something to be seen.


I drove another 14 kms from Kovalam passing through a wonderful bridge in Manakudy  cruising through the backwaters and coconut fields to touch Puthenthurai. Yet another village inhabited by Paravars.

Holy Rosary church Puthenthurai is a church to be visited here.


Rajakkamangalam_ChurchAnother 9 kms drive from Puthenthurai took me to a bigger village called “Rajakkamangalam” . 3 years ago my cousin got married to a girl whose native was Rajakkamangalam. Honestly, I had never heard of this place and my curiosity provoked me to learn more. Finally I visited this beautiful place:

Rajakkamangalam is a Panchayat Union of Kanyakumari district. It is one of the nine administrative divisions of the district of Kanyakumari. Azhathangarai-Rajakkamangalam Estuary and Marshy land contains a Coastal ecosystem with Mangroves habitat, sand dunes and sea turtle breeding site near Azhathangarai beach.

This place has one of the richest marine eco-systems to be visited within Tamilnadu.

Our Lady of Good Health Rajakkamangalam is a landmark here.


Director Bharathiraja captured “Muttom” 33 years back when he directed “Alaigal Oivathillai” in 1981. Muttom gained more prominence when Bharathiraja directed “Kadalora Kavithaigal” in 1986. I drove another 9 kms from Rajakkamangalam and reached this beautiful place.

The famous church “All Saints church”  in Muttom was beautifully depicted in Kadalora Kavithaigal. This church is undergoing renovation currently and I’m hoping that it should be ready by next year.

Muttom is a classic beauty and a must see village along the shores of Tamilnadu. The church, the backwaters and the sea waves hitting the rocks are a treat to our eyes. The sunset in Muttom’s coast is something which should never be missed.

The backwaters harbouring several fishing boats is a must watch. Yet another attraction is the famous lighthouse depicted in the movies. After watching the sunset I started returning to Kanyakumari.

A wonderful drive with lots of good places to see, that’s how I would summarise my travel. It’s great to visit these areas and understand the lifestyle of Paravars along with the beautiful churches. There is a Paravar world beyond Kanyakumari, moreover there is lot of Tamilnadu beyond Kanyakumari.

Some Tips for the drive:

  • The roads are really good to have a pleasant drive. I went in a car but I’d recommend riding in a bike which is even more scintillating. We Paravars love our coast line and I’d suggest we shouldn’t stop with Kanyakumari.
  • These places can also be visited after reaching Nagercoil, there is no need for us to come to Kanyakumari. The distance differs if you are travelling from Nagercoil instead of Kanyakumari.
  • Do not miss the sunset and ocean waves at Muttom. Best time would be after 5 pm which will make your visit to Muttom mesmerising.
  • Tides are very strong in Muttom and display boards are kept to caution visitors. Never try venturing into the sea without proper guidance.

by Anton Niresh

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